Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Bring It On

The most reviled athlete in the American sports world arrived at spring training today. And the story made me smile:
Toward the end of a 12-minute chat with reporters in the Giants' dugout after the workout, Bonds was asked if the years-long federal investigation into his alleged steroid use and possible perjury weighed on him.

"It doesn't weigh on me at all. It's just you guys talking. It's media conversation," Bonds said. When reminded that federal investigators, not reporters, were behind the investigation, he said, "That's all right though. Let them investigate. Let them. They've been doing it this long."
If there were an award for avoiding a topic, he might have won a half dozen of those too. But I just want to see him hit.
Tags: sports

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