Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Physiological Update

When I was eight or so -- my daughter's age, in other words -- my mother used to tell me that, if I wanted to be a better baseball player, able to throw as well as I could hit and catch, I should do pushups. She suspected that Robbie Curtis, the boy on the Silver Creek Reds who could pitch like a dream, did many pushups. I found it too difficult to summon the will to follow her advice. And I've pretty much avoided it ever since, despite my love for sports. Still, it has periodically sounded in the back of my mind as one of the many things to do that I should one day actually start doing.

Recently, as part of my gradual adoption of a light fitness regime, previously chronicled here in entries about the pleasures of nighttime bicycle riding, I've begun to do pushups on a daily basis. Wow! I'm really shocked by the difference they're making in my ability to play defense in basketball and, more importantly, to sit at a computer for long periods of time without growing tense or weary. When I began to practice deep breathing techniques a few months back, I realized that they helped enormously with the inner portion of my abdominal muscles, perhaps the most neglected part of my largely neglected physical well-being. Now I'm surprised to learn that pushups not only work the arms and back, but also those same muscles.

In other body-related news, the last batch of Emergen-Cs that I purchased at Trader Joe's turned out to be Joint Health packets instead. I didn't realize for several days, at which point I couldn't really return them in good conscience. Since the ingredients were largely identical, except for the two specific ones in the latter meant to promote, you guessed it, "joint health," I figured I could get by using up the remainder of the packets. And then a funny thing happened. My balky knee started to feel much, much better. It could be a complete coincidence -- masoo would probably incline toward that conclusion -- but if so, it was a pretty uncanny one. The packets ran out last week, so I went back to my usual standard Emergen-Cs. Again, this could be coincidental or a case of mind overpowering body, but I've been having a lot more knee pain this week than in the preceding two weeks. Playing basketball yesterday, I felt a distinct difference in my ability to plant one leg and cut, which is a big part of my game.
Tags: everyday, health

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