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Soggy Cardboard Legs

Today I had absolutely no spring in my step playing basketball. I participated in the informal English Department game, which features some pretty savvy athletes. I'm not out of my league, but it will take me several more games -- assuming I can get into the facility where they are being held -- before I'm comfortable enough to try out some of my moves. Today I didn't trust my legs to obey my mind. I took a few shots when I was so open it would have created problems to pass them up. But I didn't drive to the basket or deploy my fancier dribbling. At first I simply didn't do very well. I couldn't play defense the way I like. Even my screens were hesitant. By the end of the two hours, though, I was pulling down lots of rebounds, which was what the last team I was on -- we switched up after each contest -- needed. Next time, if I can get into the building and my legs feel stronger, I hope to make some baskets.
Tags: everyday, health, sports

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