Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Redemptive Cuisine

For dinner I decided to use the cooked lentils I'd set aside after making my staple spinach-ginger-chile Indian lentil dish on the night of the Oscars. They were just about to turn, but were all the tastier for the slight ferment that had set in.

I coarsely chopped the slightly desiccated half of a yellow onion that had been left in a baggie in the vegetable drawer, together with a few red onion slices from the other night's cheeseburgers and sauteed them in olive oil, adding thin slices of the now-earthy-tasting carrots remaining out in the garage from my last pot roast.

When the onions were translucent and the carrot discs soft, I added a healthy dose of cumin, some dried red pepper, plenty of paprika, a teaspoon full of "better than bouillon" condensed beef stock and turned the heat to low. At that point, I threw in first one bag of baby spinach leaves and then the other, once the first had shriveled, together with eight frozen garlic cubes of the TJ's variety.

Once all the spinach had lost its stiffness, I added two cans of the organic tomatoes TJ sells and turned the heat up to medium. I cut up the pieces of chicken left from Skylar's salad on Sunday and added them as well. Then I dumped in the lentils and, following my nose, some extra cumin and a bunch of dried oregano.

After ten minutes or so, I squeezed the juice from two lemons into the pot and, once again turning the heat down, let everything cook for another ten minutes or so. I served it over white rice. The result was delectable and a great way to redeem food that would otherwise have gone in the trash.
Tags: everyday, food, recipe

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