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There's this book I've been meaning to procure for a long time, both because it covers a topic I work on and because my friend Steven has an essay in it: Nicholas Rombes' collection New Punk Cinema. Because I don't generally order books online, however, preferring to stumble upon them in person, I still don't have it. Yesterday I was working on a particularly thorny paragraph and thought, "I can't put off getting the book any longer."

And then this morning, when I was talking to my friend Joel, I learned that he and I are actually mentioned in the introduction:
It's wonderful to be mentioned in this context. I was reading Filmmaker this morning, in fact. More importantly, the news comes like the smell of freshly brewed coffee piercing my sleep-fogged brain. These days, I have a hard time remembering that I have done things that matter, no matter how much respect I get for them at present. Although it's odd that I didn't come across this citation previously, I'm delighted that I discovered it now. That's what I call serendipity. And now it's time to cue up the Animals in my head.
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