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Rules and Regulations

Sometimes I disturb myself. A little while ago, I sat down at the computer to post a photo of my daughter in her Easter dress. But, realizing that my last entry had been a photo, I had to write something to precede the photo. Why? Because I have this silly rule for myself that I try very hard not to break: never post two consecutive photos. There's no reason to have such a rule, that I can conceive. I don't remember when it settled into habit for me. Nevertheless, I am loathe -- thank you, _luaineach, for reminding me of the pleasures of that word -- to transgress.

That's only part of the reason why I'm disturbed, however. There's also the fact that the entry I wrote purely to put some text in my photo sandwich ended up taking a lot longer than I'd initially intended. Once I make it over the impediments to forward progress, like an overloaded diesel rig, I can roll cheerfully down the highway for hours. Wait, now I'm berating myself for using an LKW metaphor in this entry after resorting to my favorite Zug metaphor in the last one. I can't remember whether I have a rule for not mixing such proximate metaphors on the same day or in consecutive entries, but I'm starting to think that I should. Help me, world of the flesh to flee, however temporarily, the intensity of intension. Clearly, I can't do it on my own.
Tags: autobiography, everyday, humor

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