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It hasn't been the best week in the land of the Nicolini-Bertsch household. I returned from a restorative experience at the 20th Century Literature conference to find my fully charged batteries drained within a few hours of arriving at my place of employement. Kim has been alone with Skylar for many nights recently and needs some time away from the Demanding One. And Skylar, well, she probably needs a break from the mother-daughter bond herself.

For a little while today, however, all the stress melted away. cpratt and danlmarmot got married! It's stunning how a simple act can be so moving. I'm so happy for them -- and so many others like them -- that my heart hurts.

Maybe love will conquer all. It's not likely, I realize. But the window of hope just got a good Windex-ing.
Tags: everyday, friends

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