Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Same Difference

Well, this year the Easter Bunny returned to form and only came once, suggesting that last year's double visit was an aberration. Personally, I found it more relaxing to concentrate all the fun into a single day. I think Skylar did too.

I performed my usual documentary function, but struggled to take the sort of photographs I'm accustomed to taking during the annual egg hunt. The girl moves so rapidly from one find to the next that she has become difficult to capture in a still image. I did get some nice shots, in the end, but had to work -- and think -- hard for them. You may see the fruits of my labor tomorrow, though probably not here.

I got sidetracked, as I was poring over the results, by the thoughts of all the previous Easters I'd documented. As it turns out, few of the pre-digital camera images have been scanned. But I can at least share with you a picture of Skylar enjoying a rest with her mother after the hunt in 2004:

That's when this journal was still pretty new. A lot has changed in the interim. More than that, really. Sometimes it feels like everything that matters has metamorphosed. Still, when I looked at this shot from this morning and compared it to the one from three years ago, I realized that my impression of radical transformation overlooks an underlying stability. Skylar is a lot older now, but she is very much the same girl now that she was then:

It's one of the nice things about the holidays -- at least the substance-free sort we celebrate -- that they give the opportunity to believe, at least temporarily, in the expression, "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose." Next year may well mark the end of our Easter Bunny era, but we've had a longer run than I anticipated when Skylar was five. Here's to you, Long Ears.
Tags: daughter, everyday, family, holiday

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