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At the EMP I had a brief conversation with the wonderful Daphne Brooks in which we discussed our shared devotion to the "outlaw" Barry Bonds. Maybe the support lifted his spirits. Because Saturday and Sunday were about as classic a pair of Barry games as you'll ever see. My fondest memories of seeing him are from the game at Candlestick against the Dodgers in September, 1997, when his first-inning home run of Chan Ho Park proved the difference in a nail-biting affair, and the one at the Bob in 2003 when, after returning from a precautionary hospitalization, he singled in the ninth to help the Giants a victory. That was the second day in this journal's existence, BTW, and the occasion of my first meaningful entry in it. I love it when he is given the opportunity to hit in situations when he has a chance to be a difference-maker. If only opposing teams would continue to pitch to him, instead of returning to the walk-him-whenever-possible policy of the past few years. But the fact that he has hit two game-winning home runs in a row and is now slugging over .800 makes that increasingly unlikely.
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