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Early To Bed

After burning the candle at both ends while also holding its midsection over a taut, blue flame for the past week, I'm repairing to the bedroom before 11pm -- a rarity in my world -- in order to replenish the lubricant that keeps my internal gears from grinding. Because I played basketball today on a right knee that was at least a second cousin of its former self -- I could go to my right and hit a number of nice left-handed hooks -- and because the Giants won their seventh in a row, beating the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine, with Barry homering again, and because I successfully engineered an elephant trunk out of a wrapping-paper cardboard tube and masking tape, during my volunteer stint in Skylar's class and because I'm still gliding on sweet memories of Portland and Seattle and because-- Let's just say that I'm in fine mood, despite the wear and tear. See you tomorrow.
Tags: everyday, health, sports

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