Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Simple Pleasures

Maybe it's because I'm a Taurus. I am easily pleased. Right now, for example, I'm in a great mood because A) the Giants have won eight straight; B) I finished another round of student appointments earlier today; C) I played in the Department game just now and could plant on my right leg throughout, even though I shot terribly; D) I did most of the dishes last night; E) I can let the rest of them wait until Saturday morning if I wish; F) I heard from a close friend I hadn't expected to be in contact for a good while to come; G) I learned about a pre-punk Tucson band to research; H) I can read for pleasure again, now that the teaching part of the semester is over; I) I still have a sandwich from Beyond Bread to eat; J) I know that a can of soda will taste great with it. Hell, I could list other reasons. None of them are particularly noteworthy. And yet I'm basking in inner sunshine.
Tags: everyday, health

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