Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Standing Tall Amid the Rubble

I've been reorganizing the mess that is my home office. Inevitably, this process leads to a point when I give up on the hopes of truly finishing and then throw the remainder of the piles in random boxes. Six months later, I'll clean out those boxes, only to fill new ones. I think they call this entropy. Nevertheless, I do feel that I've made more headway than usual this time. For example, I've reconfigured my dresser so that I can use the top as a base for my laptop. It's the perfect height for typing comfortably. And I've been having so much trouble with my right knee when it's bent for long periods -- two weeks of heavy duty office hours are to blame -- that standing to use the computer is a welcome alternative. I'm standing right now, in fact. Did I mention that today is Thomas Pynchon's birthday? Well, it is. And that's why I'm going to resume reading Against the Day, which I was enjoying greatly over break, but had to set aside during the semester. I'll let you know how the book strikes me in my current frame of mind, in which I spend the better part of each day feeling "framed" for misdeeds I didn't do. I wonder if this qualifies as a typical Live Journal entry. I'm trying harder to vent without worrying about the ratio of fuel to air. I'm also trying not to use so many conceits or to be so conceited. But those goals will be significantly harder to achieve. Back to the piles in my less than paradisal no-longer-a-bachelor pad. . .
Tags: autobiography, everyday, health, literature
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