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March, 1918

I feel privileged to have had grandparents born in the nineteenth century. Because my father was born when his parents were in their early thirties and because I was born when he was nearly thirty-seven, I had the opportunity to experience directly what most people of my generation can only read about. I mean, how many members of Generation X were regaled with their grandfather's tale of the Battle of Jutland? My grandmother didn't talk as much about the past, but I still sensed it in her voice. Here is what she looked like shortly before turning twenty:

I have a number of images of her from the 1920s, after she and my grandfather had settled in New York. Some of the clothes she wore were then were pretty fabulous. I'll post an example one day. For now, though, I'll leave you with this picture of wartime, unmarried modesty.
Tags: archive, autobiography, family, history
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