Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


Today I purchased an M6 screw and bolt at Ace Hardware. I organized my books in the front room. I ate yesterday's half-dried apple pieces from Skylar's breakfast, then the leftover strawberries from today. I further trimmed the mesquite in the front yard in order to fill up the garbage can before pick-up. I drank a Kombucha to free up refrigerator space about a half hour ago. I cleaned yesterday's glass pan that I'd used to roast a turkey breast. I read several random pages of Martin Heidegger's Being in Time in German, only because I was reshelving it. I corresponded with students having end-of-semester crises. I talked to my friend Eric while he waited for a plane in Los Angeles. I walked outside to feel the heat. I rolled up the living room rug and removed the no-slide tape beneath it. I continued reading Richard Shelton's Going Back To Bisbee. I purchased Honey White Bread and frozen peas at Trader Joe's and made sure to pay at the station operated by one of my favorite checkers, the Pima student from Wisconsin. I did dishes to the accompaniment of St. Etienne's Foxbase Alpha. I thought about writing a novel. I spent a long time looking for a part of my bike that rolled away when I was reattaching the wheel. I cut off the four remaining rose blooms, long past their prime. I remembered what it was like to be with you.
Tags: autobiography, prose

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