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States I've Seen

I think this is my first meme -- thank you for the inspiration danlmarmot -- of the calendar year. But I spend a good portion of my leisure time studying maps, so this one pleases me:

create your own personalized map of the USA
When I was a child, we traveled up and down the coasts. But my parents weren't interested in traveling across the nation's interior. My father already had, taking his parents on cross-country expeditions after he'd finished college. And my mother has long insisted that she's really only interested in trips that involve an ocean. What I've seen from the middle of the United States, then, I've seen since I left home, whether on cross-country trips of my own -- hence South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming -- or for conferences -- hence Texas, Kansas and Kentucky. Of the states remaining on my yet-to-see list, Hawai'i and Alaska are the highest priorities. I don't have a burning desire to see Alabama, Oklahoma, or North Dakota, however. I imagine that Ohio or Michigan will be next on my list, since they are states in which a lot goes on.
Tags: autobiography, map, meme, travel

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