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Hi Neighbor

For the sake of documentary closure, I present you the letter that Kim sent to our neighbor in reply to the "Hanoi John" e-mail he sent me:

I'm not really sure why you forwarded this message to Charlie. We appreciate your views. But just to clarify, ours are very different. For the future of our daughter and the planet that she lives on, we choose not to vote for the Republican Party. We do not support the murder of innocent people, the decimation of our planet, the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries, the decimation of our schools, or the current illegal occupation of the office of the President of the United States.

Like I said, we appreciate your views, and we know that many share yours. That's why we live in a democracy. Freedom of speech is something we have in this country. Although it's another freedom which will be in jeopardy should the Bush regime stay in office.

For my daughter's future and the future off all the children of this country and the world, I choose not to support the current leaders of our country, and I hope in the name of God and His creations and the miracle of life which He has given us, that they are voted out of office this November.

Respectfully yours,

There's no going back. And, while I was annoyed that she sent the message without consulting me -- I had forwarded my neighbor's e-mail to her, but would have preferred to reply to it myself -- I now stand in admiration at the simple power of her words.
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