Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Shopping With Scarface

I'm driving over to Trader Joe's this evening, navigating the recently desurfaced stretch of Magee east of Oracle, when I notice a car come up rather quickly behind me. On my ass, you might say. But I'm feeling too relaxed to get annoyed and turn into the plaza, this same vehicle behind me. And then, as I slow down to go over the first speed bump in the plaza, the car passes me and zooms ahead, oblivious to the people in front of Trader Joe's waiting to cross the street. So I follow the car -- it's a late-model white BMW -- and park next to it. The driver turns out to have a bit of an Al Pacino-in-Scarface look about him, so I hesitate to call him out on his ridiculous driving. I do walk behind him, though, and, when I see that he's meeting a couple to go shopping, finally see the chance to make a point: "You're speeding through the parking lot to go to Marshall's?" He glares back at me, but I can see the shame rising in the color of his skin. Then, to top it all off, I notice that he's clutching a Marshall's bag in one hand. The man was actually driving 40 MPH through the plaza to make a return.
Tags: everyday, humor, tucson
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