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Laboring Freely

Aside from the fifteen minute stretch when my new nasal steroids made me feel strange -- my insurance prodded Walgreen's to switch me to something on the formulary -- I was totally lacking in restlessness today. I could barely motivate myself to drive out to the main entrance to see what's happening on the internet. And I'm pretty sure that's a good thing. I suppose you could call it the stereotypical "lazy day," but I feel like I accomplished a ton, from reading The Makioka Sisters, to rescuing waterlogged bees, to going out for ice cream twice. To quote from one of the songs in West Side Story, which Skylar has been listening to in the car non-stop -- to my delight, not my chagrin, in case you were wondering -- "It's not I'm anti-social; I'm only anti-work."
Tags: everyday, travel
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