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February 25th, 1839

This is the first in a series:
Yesterday morning, 24 Feb. at 8 o'clock a daughter was born to me, a soft quiet, swarthy little creature, apparently perfect & healthy. My second child. Blessings on thy head, little winter bud! & comest thou to try thy luck in this world & know if the things of God are things for thee? Well assured & very soft & still, the little maiden expresses great contentment with all she finds, & her delicate but fixed determination to stay where she is, & grow. So be it, my fair child! Lidian, who magnanimously makes my gods her gods, calls the babe Ellen. I can hardly ask more for thee, my babe, than that name implies. Be that vision & remain with us, & after us.
As far as I can tell, the digital camera wasn't working that day.
Tags: blogging, emerson

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