Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Across Our Pond

When I was a kid, my parents watched a lot of PBS. In particular, they favored British dramas. Long before I could follow the grown-up themes in Upstairs, Downstairs, I was absorbing its ambience, particularly the sounds of the characters' conversations. Given the popularity of that show in the States, I'm sure I wasn't the only American in my age-range with that experience. As I think back on it now, though, it strikes me how odd it was. I knew little about the United Kingdom at the time. The approaching Bicentennial had alerted me to the fact that the British were once our enemy, but my knowledge of contemporary Anglo-American relations was minimal to the point of non-existence. Yet British -- or perhaps I should say "English" -- culture saturated my domestic life. I wonder what happened to my worldview as a result of this double consciousness. Would I have been less interested in world affairs without it?
Tags: autobiography, television

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