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Hell Heaven

I received a notification this morning from Richard Hell that part of a film he's working on had been posted to YouTube. So I'm passing on the news:

I love the tension he's able to generate in such a short scene. The close-ups of the woman's neck reminded me a little of David Lynch's extremely short shots and their sonic equivalents. But what really makes the clip burn is Hell's voice, which gives me the feeling of immense energy being held back, water in danger of cresting over the dam. I think you can also hear what I was trying to get at in the long feature I did for the Oxford American magazine's annual music issue last fall, in which I write that, "although he speaks softly, there's a thickness to his voice, like the distortion you get when the levels are turned up too high. It's almost like a chord, sustained baritone notes blurring the nasal tenor of streetwise Lower Manhattan."

P.S. As a commenter on this entry informed me, there's a transcription of the text on YouTube, so you can be sure you catch every word.
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