Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Time For An Upgrade

Earlier today, e_compass_rosa posted an entry with this "blog rating" meme and I figured, "What the hell?," because this is clearly one of those increasingly rare days in which I make my presence on LJ repeatedly felt. I was still full from another delicious sandwich of turkey breast, mayonnaise and cranberry sauce. And I was in no mood to brave the still-hellish heat of late June for a nocturnal run.

So I went to the site and discovered that my blog earns a PG rating:
I was a little bummed, hoping I'd at least rate a PG-13, and wondering, as I looked at the "Paste the HTML code below" window, what any of this had to do with online dating, when I realized, to my deep disappointment, that the only reason I'd even scored a PG was because I've been going on about heat and poultry of late and posted an entry about a certain punk legend née Richard Meyers. I'm a G people, the extreme folds of my desires be darned!
Tags: blogging, everyday, humor, meme

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