Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

It Never Ends

It was announced today that Barry Bonds had just barely snuck by Alfonso Soriano for the last fan-voted outfield position in the All-Star Game. Here's how ESPN framed the news on its home page:

It has frequently been the case in the years since fans began voting the starting rosters that aging players have been given the nod over more deserving young ones. Everybody's favorite "sport-saving" white guy Cal Ripken Jr. -- whom I always liked, incidentally -- was one of the most egregious examples in his last season, getting voted in with some of the worst numbers of any starter at his position. The bias bothers some, but, like most players, I can live with it.

What drives me batty, though, is the idea promulgated in the lead-in to the ESPN story, that Barry is having a "lackluster" season and therefore only an All-Star because of his overall career numbers. Don't believe me? Check out the "OPS" category on the stat sheet, a number that combines on-base percentage and slugging. In his best years, Bonds led all of Major League Baseball by a wide margin. This year, however, while playing on a terrible Giants team with no hitters of consequence to protect him in the line-up, his advantage has slipped. Yes, he only leads the New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez by a little. I guess that's what qualifies as "lackluster" for the mainstream media. And that's all you need to know, really, about the antipathy journalists direct Bonds's way. Like the majority of the Giants' hometown fans, I say, "To hell with them."
Tags: rant, sports
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