Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


When I jog, I pay close attention the surface beneath my feet. I do it primarily to ensure that I spend as little time as possible on asphalt and none on concrete. I'd rather slide a little on sand and gravel than abuse my legs. But since outdoor activity in Tucson involves the avoiding of dangerous reptiles, my attentiveness does double duty. Today I had the realization that my experience of running is a lot like one of those abstract films where you just see a surface moving beneath the camera. I remember being deeply impressed when I saw -- in the company of cpratt, who had suggested the outing -- Michael Snow present some of his experiments in that genre at the Pacific Film Archive many years ago. In my case, however, there's also a rock-and-roll soundtrack, which makes the aesthetic less pure but better at inciting forward progress.
Tags: everyday, film, health, tucson
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