Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Order of the Tucson

Today is the big day. Well, not the big day, but the next best thing. I'm heading over to the AMC at Foothills Mall to get good seats. The rest of our party will be driving up from downtown, which could take a while, given the madness of all this road construction. But they'll make it in time. Skylar has spent the week watching the first four films and rereading her favorite passages in the book. She is most excited about seeing the kiss, which has made her shriek with joy every time she's watched it on the preview. I'm pretty amped myself, because, in addition to having read all the books and seen all the movies myself, her delight is contagious. It's awesome that, even though she was late starting, she managed to catch up. This week and next will be ones she remembers for a long time.
Tags: daughter, everyday, film

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