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Not Closed - De File — LiveJournal
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
Not Closed
The terrorist attacks in Spain remind of the immediate aftermath of both September 11th and the Oklahoma City bombing.

We all need someone to talk to. We've all got a space to fill.

Having just taught Don DeLillo's superb Libra in my graduate course, I'm thinking that we need to devise more precise language for the overdetermined tragedy.

What if it wasn't ETA or Al Qaeda, but ETA and Al Qaeda? What if we had to decide on the perpetrator's undecidabilty?

That's the rootstock of the JFK conspiracies, of course. There's a logical progression from deconstructing the "lone gunman" theory to deconstructing the "lone terrorist organization" theory.

Market analysts are adept at overlaying the relevant indices in order to see a whole with the consistency and flux of clouds running across the sky.

Terror analysts should be so deft.

Then again, I suppose that's precisely what the "futures" scheme of Mr. Poindexter was trying to inspire.

Have I become one of them?

Or have these think-tankers simply been reading their DeLillo?

Next stop, The Names.

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