Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Looking Back To Look Forward

I posted my last entry, the handwritten journal entry from two decades ago, right after I'd stumbled upon it. Upon further review, however, I realize that I should have linked to the entry I wrote last year about what happened in the hours after I'd put my thoughts to paper. As I just commented to hollsterhambone, I'd be doing the world a disservice if I made it seem like I was a model of collectedness back then. Convincing the girls you're hot for that you're not interested in girls may work for some as a seduction strategy, but I found it less than satisfying. Also, I should probably let you know that my fondness for the "Gretchen" mentioned in my last entry was reinforced, not only by the fact that she asked me to slow dance -- definitely my first time and possibly the last one in public as well -- at the pajama party concluding the exchange student retreat prior to our Berlin trip, but because she talked freely of her cocaine use in her previous year of high school. It seemed sexy at the time. Oh, and she was from central Florida, Holly.
Tags: autobiography, nostalgia, sex

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