Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

My Point, Precisely

I'm glad I posted my last entry in a timely fashion. Sadly, the first and longer version of this one disappeared before I could save it, so I'll have to make do for the time being with this shorter one. I'll cut to the important stuff. Doug and Jillian stopped playing hide-and-seek with Skylar to watch the historic at-bat. Skylar watched it too, which is special to me because I watched 715 live with my parents back in 1974. Even Kim, famous for not watching what she is told she should be watching, stopped folding laundry long enough to take in the on-field celebration, commenting that the reason she can't watch the Giants now is that it makes her too homesick. Our friend Steven was there to see it in person, which makes me very, very happy. Willie Mays was there at Barry's side, as we all knew he intended to be. And Hank Aaron rose above all the bullshit that's been written about both him and Barry to prepare a gracious -- and unexpected -- message of congratulations, revealing once again that he still has more class than smarmy Bud Selig ever will. Oh, and though I know it may sound odd for me to say that I was moved by a millionaire executive, I loved the moment when the telecast paused to show Peter Magowan with tears in his eyes. I knew his daughter in graduate school. She told me how much of a fan of the Giants he was, a fact that the Candlestick loyalists will happily confirm, since their team would have moved to Florida without his efforts. She was also smart, kind and unpretentious in ways that suggested that her father wasn't like most people in his class. Anyway, it's time to return to the domestic fold. Maybe I'll hoist a glass or two to celebrate later tonight.
Tags: bay area, everyday, sports

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