Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Call of a Cloud

Yesterday I walked into my home office to use the computer and caught a glimpse of a thunderhead, which surprised me because the sky had been clear only an hour before.

When I started jogging and bicycle riding regularly last August, I quickly learned that the best vantage point for seeing cloud formations to the north was at the far end of my route, by the house whose owner puts on a remarkable Halloween extravaganza every year. So I climbed into Old Red and drove out there for a look.

Because I now have a camera capable of telephoto shots, I decided to capture some of the detail in that wondrous cloud.

I'll miss the passing of the Monsoon more than usual this year. It has been a little wetter and wilder than the others I've experienced here. More than that, though, it has marked a metamorphosis in my thinking about the world. I suppose that's why I've been writing about it more than usual. Maybe that metamorphosis has made me into someone more willing to write unapologetically about what I love. Or simply the sort of person who documents the call of a cloud.
Tags: autobiography, everyday, photography, tucson, weather
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