Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Corrective Lens

Sometimes I worry that I give the wrong impression here. Like I'm cheerier than a cherry pie on a Pennsylvania Dutch window ledge. So let me do what I can to counteract any misinterpretations that might be circulating in my circle of acquaintances. More often than not, I have to fight back the impulse to misanthropy. I spend much of my time thinking how annoying other people are. Or self-absorbed. Or stupid. Or sometimes all three. It amazes me how few individuals really understand the Golden Rule, much less live by it. I have less hope for humanity than Bob did of winning a golf tournament. Did I mention that I'm weary of those who talk all the time and then complain that no one listens to them? Oh, and I should also point out that the words inside my head do not give a shit about grace or grammar. It looks like an episode of the Batman television show from the 1960s in there, but instead of reading "Pow!" and "Smack!" the bubbles all say "Motherfucker!" and "Prick" and "Cunt." And that cherry pie might well be headed for your face, whether you deserve it or not. You've been warned.
Tags: autobiography, rant
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