Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

That Voodoo That He Do

The wonderful chrisglass drove all the way down from Phoenix yesterday afternoon to share dinner, art and dessert with us on the last day of his vacation. He was one of the first people we hadn't physically met whom we got to know on Live Journal and remains one of our favorite presences on the internet. But I have to warn you, should you be eager to invite him to visit your domiciles that he dabbles in voodoo:

Looking at the lumberjack he was skillfully fashioning from clay, you might think that he was using the dark arts to indulge in a little self therapy. But I think the external appearance of his golem was actually a ruse. Because the person who responded most vigorously to his visit was Skylar, who suddenly remembered that she had a camera of her own -- despite her constant art-making, she hasn't done much photography without prodding -- and has been wandering the house ever since composing intriguing abstract shots of household pets that would be ideally suited to Chris's famous "crop." So unless you want to risk being driven to extreme bouts of creativity, you'd better think twice about having him over.

Oh, and I should add that I was myself inspired by his voodoo to break with my usual practice and use Photoshop on this photograph of him working. He gave me permission, for one thing. And there's also the fact that I was working with his lovely D-SLR and neglected to adjust the exposure to match the dimming light of our dining area. The pictures I took glow like the figures in a Rembrandt painting, shining out from the gloom. But this one definitely benefited from becoming brighter and less linseed oily.
Tags: everyday, friends, home, photography

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