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No Bite, No Sight

I just went outside to see whether it will be worth trying to document tonight's lunar eclipse with my camera. My conclusion? While the full moon is too bright to register with any detail, the eclipsed moon might. It will be worth a shot, anyway, assuming I can rouse myself from slumber. But since I was bitten by many of the dangerous nighttime mosquitoes on my brief foray, I probably should make the effort, since I might soon be a victim of the West Nile Virus. I'd hate for my my life-threatening illness to have been in vain. Anyway, don't forget the eclipse, those of you west of the Rockies. Here in Tucson, it's supposed to start a little before 1am, peak around 3:30am, and be over by 5:30am. I think those numbers might need to be adjusted to a little later on the West Coast. Also, the moon will be to the south-southwest.
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