Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Coding Assistance Required

I'm going to do something I almost never do: ask for help. I was excited to be able to embed non-YouTube video material in my entries, but realized that the code I'd copied for my entry of earlier today was making the Westinghouse refrigerator infomercial play every time it was loaded. And that's not cool for "Friends" pages.

I've put the video behind the cut for now. But I don't like to use LJ cuts unless an entry is really long. Actually, I don't like to do LJ cuts period. What I'd rather do for circumstances like this is find a way to modify the embedding code so that it doesn't play unless you click first, a la YouTube clips embedded within LJ entries. Here's my question. Do any of you with more coding experience than I have -- it has been a long time since I was messing around with Modula-2 -- know how to realize this goal? I'll present the code I used earlier today, taken straight from the Internet Archive:
I've never seen this "lj-embed" tag before. The only thing I know about FlowPlayer is that it's the one that the Internet Archive uses, presumably because it's open-source. Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide. In the interim, if you see an LJ cut on one of my entries, it will most likely have video embedded behing it.
Tags: computer, how-to, seeking input

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