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The Journey

We left a little after noon yesterday. This time we finally left the portable TV/VCR at home. I sat in the back next to Skylar and held the laptop while we watched DVDs or, rather, one DVD, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. We took breaks in the viewing for singing, coloring, and looking up the sites of Indiana described and pictured in the entry for that state in the World Book encyclopedia that came with the laptop.

Our get-out-of-the-car stop was, as always, the Carl's Jr. in Yuma right off the freeway, because it has that big indoor play center and because we've stopped there so many times before that it has become a Tradition in the mind of the all-too-Bertsch-like Bean.

I felt it my duty to document the experience for posterity, but with enough indirection to make it tolerable:

Silver Machines

Predictably, the cars in the parking lot were a lot better looking than the people inside.

With a few notable exceptions:

Star Prisoner

She's our star prisoner.

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