Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

A Win Is Not a Loss

The Bears didn't play very well today. When they scored, it was usually so rapidly that the defense had to go back onto the field without a reasonable rest. And when then they failed to score, it was because the offense wasn't clicking as a unit. The defense was inconsistent too, looking fine one series and weak the next. I suspected that a combination of the high altitude at Colorado State and the comedown from last week's big win against Tennessee would make the game closer than it needed to be. When Cal had a 34-14 lead with about five minutes to go, though, it seemed safe to exhale. Unfortunately, that's also the conclusion that the Cal defense -- and coaches, who sent in the second string -- reached, because they managed to give up two quick touchdowns. Still, a win on the road counts for something. And the close-call may pay dividends next week, when they take on a Louisiana Tech team that seems better, given their overtime loss to twentieth-ranked Hawaii, than most people believed going into the season. Oh, and should the Bears get past that higher-than-expected hurdle, there's still the following week's game against the Wildcats to worry about. Goodness knows they never should have put themselves in a position to lose to Arizona last year, even if the curious refereeing did contribute to the demoralizing outcome. At least Oregon and Washington made the Pac-10 look good today. Strange to think that it's now Cal instead of Michigan that appears to be the better squad in blue and gold.
Tags: sports

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