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I haven't been able to post every day because there is no hotspot that close to our campground. But I've been writing in a journal by hand, remarkably enough, even though my hand can barely remember how to write. I may post some of my handwritten musings later.

For now, it's enough to say that we're returning to Disneyland tomorrow. Monday's trip was great fun, though not up to the awesome standard of Skylar's first visit last February. She's not quite as ecstatic now, but easier to cope with as a consequence. Ecstasy and stamina do not usually go hand-in-hand or _____-in-_______ for that matter.

The motif for Monday's visit was the classic pink "mouse-ears" balloon that Skylar procured on the way in. Apparently, pinks are extremely rare. Park employees told us so. Skylar was extraordinarily pleased to learn this fact.

From what I could tell, those mouseteam members were telling the truth. I only saw two other pink "mouse-ears" balloons all day. And that were lots of people in the park, it being Spring Break and a break for some year-round K-12 schools in California.

The balloon made it easy to locate my loved ones when we were meeting at a specific location. And it proved handy for locating them on the carousel too.

Carousel Blur

Anyone want to play "Where's Skylar?"

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