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Once More in Mind

The New Pornographers are back in town, playing tonight at The Rialto. Although Rob Mitchum's Pitchfork review compared their new album unfavorably to its predecessor, I'm coming to prefer it. The ballads appeal to me more, at any rate. I believe that you will still be able to purchase tickets at the box office this evening, if you arrive in a timely fashion. You should try to get there reasonably early regardless, because opening act Lavender Diamond is really good. And, while the New Pornographers are the sort of band that is more likely to stand out on record, where their attention to detail is more readily discerned, they are at least guaranteed to be fun. Tucson seems to relax them, perhaps because it feels a little like a home away from home, as the piece I wrote on the band back in 2003 -- I've linked to it before, but not all of you were reading me back then -- suggests. Look for me if you go tonight. I'll be wearing a slightly oversized black T-shirt and the formerly black, made-in-the-USA 501s that I recently retrieved from storage, otherwise known as my standard outfit of the 1990s.
Tags: autobiography, clips, coordination, music, nostalgia, tucson

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