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When I'm beachcombing for stones, I have to continually remind myself to see into the future. The shiny rock at my feet may look totally bland tomorrow. And the unassuming one further from the waves may turn out to be the best there is to find.

As I was walking the shore today, I suddenly had the thought that finding a good friend is just like finding a good rock.

Personally, I've always been drawn to the perfectly formed black discs that make the lighter-colored stones around them seem awkward and insufficiently serious.

But when I unpack my favored finds later, they turn out to be a dull 75% gray.

Today I left the black stones on the beach, opting instead for the subtly patterned reddish brown ones.

If only we had that much control over the selection of our friends.

Sadly, though, we find them in settings where thinking ahead requires special powers.

Without a basis for comparison, it's hard to tell what a rock will look like when it dries.

The beach is disappearing and the sand is always damp.
Tags: friends, history, ramble

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