Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


"Elbow up, weight on your back foot, step and swing."

"Weight on your back foot, elbow up, step and swing."

"Don't lift your back foot so much when you step with the front one."

"Elbow up? Weight on your back foot? Ready to step and swing?"

"You're locking your wrists. They have to turn."

"I'll show you. See how the label on the bat moves when I swing? That's because I'm turning my wrists."

"You're golfing. Try to keep your swing level."

"Alright. Elbow up, weight on your back foot, step and swing."

"Yes, that pitch was too high. You don't have to swing at everything."

"Keep that back foot touching the ground as you swing. It should move forward, but not in the air."

"That was a pretty good swing. You just started to swing too early. Wait for the ball. You have to watch it."

"Elbow up? Weight on your back foot? Are you going to step and swing?"

"You're still locking your wrists. Let me see if I can show you. See how, when I'm done with the main part of my swing, the bat is pointed at the pitcher?"

"Why don't you practice that a few times?"

"Nice! That works well. Try taking a practice swing or two before I pitch."

"Elbow up, weight on your back foot? Make sure you point the bat at the pitcher as you finish stepping forward."

"Good job. I know you missed it. But your swing was better."

"You're still lifting that back foot."

"Keep the bat level. And turn those wrists!"

"Weight on your back foot, elbow up, step and swing."

"It's getting harder because it's getting dark."

"That's actually better than a lot of your fair balls. If it goes straight back like that, it means you just missed it. Home run hitters do that all the time."

"OK, we only have enough light for a few more balls. Remember to watch the ball. Keep your swing level. Point the bat at the pitcher as you finish stepping. Is your weight on your back foot? Get your elbow up."

"That was great. Could you feel the difference? That's because your swinging better. You're putting more force into your swing."

"Last one. Elbow up. Weight on your back foot. Step and--"
Tags: daughter, everyday, sports

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