Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Party Animal

Thing Two is a master of mischief, always seeming to complicate whatever task you wish to accomplish. But he pays you back by being extraordinarily pliant. Whereas trimming Thing One's claws requires wearing a falconer's attire, Little Guy just lies there placidly, as if to mock his brother's cowardice. He doesn't merely tolerate the play-acting of imaginative children, but actually seems to welcome their impositions. Last night, for example, Skylar and her friend decided he should don attire befitting the birthday celebration:

Not only did he permit multiple costume changes, he lay on the island with so little motion that I could photograph him despite the low light levels. Of course, he did have the satisfaction of keeping the Friday New York Times from being read during his tribulations. Still, he definitely went beyond the call of duty. Even when he was finally done dressing up, he made sure to stay around for a series of hugs that would have sent most cats to an inaccessible refuge under the sofa. This is why I will remember not to complain too much the next time he decides to occupy my desk chair the minute I rise to use the bathroom or parades in front of the computer monitor like B. Kliban's "transparent" feline. Three cheers for Two!
Tags: holiday, home, humor, pets
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