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Here's another one of those found poems. Yes, I understand what the apparent randomness is trying to achieve. But I still find it strangely beautiful:
advert thirsty stipple braun inadvisable bathrobe precinct sugar convene campanile deuce revisable cantaloupe cayenne piety accident plate liberia arrear globulin logging congestion archaism draftsman obsessive aqua teratogenic volcanism stepmother ashman beady lien dopant angora ehrlich glamorous preemptor porridge acquisitive impact joy transparent nary kidnapping sixteenth mutate anorthosite opera paid eaton adulate demystify bird gun beltsville uris estoppal oncoming flabby personnel sst complement cog bruno galloway elusive carob admonition presuming sacramento clip delay homomorphism turvy cornucopia smoke rubidium fix accredit luminous drill civic flipflop molar rockaway shawl flamingo ass holdup bordeaux cant agony acknowledge suny clothesline aquarium newsboy peterson clara facilitate dramaturgy bridgeable covet buxton goode deoxyribose stylish lifelike livingston sculptural dyer offshoot pouch earthmover nation borough bamboo isomorphic gallows metabolite affine kingston level emplace bipartisan wherewithal potpourri drake betrayer sperry spitz ribosome travelogue pitiable alewife digression alluvial roomy corn algaecide trophic rabbi swap corralled moat ha nectarine fruition arnold serine supplicate blatz ascription scathe counterargument pandemic capstan hypocritical soothsayer connote phosphorus jeff babylonian rear upkeep contraband conferring snuff crisis demark cardiff cytolysis matinal waterfall amphibole leone loosestrife pansy cpa enumerate sonny climate fearsome padlock chancy conrad rotunda hippocratic physiotherapist amphibole trouble bowditch doctrinal cossack tetrahedra abed malefactor schenectady mogadiscio kaddish narcissism embezzle diva rowley quebec mockup colloquy raphael bishop allis armageddon you'll aerial wide edmund sew showy coralberry imperturbable compound debris transfuse countervail alteration astigmatic dutch engine argue dour electret homecome domestic emulsify flake vial boxwood dispelled determinate appendage harmonica blair acumen marietta frequent nantucket cravat tentacle casteth predatory norway tedious committeeman dozen burrow grandeur d medea ak convalescent theodore educate catcall quartic mr corroboree borax scrumptious twitchy mizar valery horseback solitaire banter bouquet laurie birmingham moloch birdwatch eddie medallion delegate diamagnetism mild forbidding cogitate consternate fiend flyer coma default alcohol depository stinky clannish chemisorb chevalier activism everyone rig soot distillate lacerta bugging seriate doberman caw pentagon around elizabeth intuit elegant bucknell wiremen cleric straw clamber arisen bedfast nail dionysus orthoclase geneva contemporary digital affidavit dunn alan appellate bateau
More band names, to put some yeast in this time of unleavening: Predatory Norway, Fearsome Padlock, Pitiable Alewife, Harmonica Blair, and, most succinctly, Snuff Crisis.

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