Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

The Prodigal Something

I only got to play two-on-two today. But the fact that I got to shoot and dribble a lot more than I do in our full-court games meant that I could get a better sense of how my game is going mentally and physically. I still suffer from a fear of having my shot blocked that leads me to take more difficult shots than are necessary. And my right knee still struggles with moves that require pivoting. There was a ten-minute stretch today, however, where I felt like a much better player than I have been in years. I made a bunch of shots between ten and fifteen feet that I'd set up by driving to the hoop earlier. I had a nice half hook from the right baseline. And then, to top it all off, I dribbled in a few feet left of the paint and, using the rim to protect the ball, spun in a tight reverse layup on the right side of the basket. The ball rapidly circled the rim a few times before going in, like water headed down the drain. It reminded me of when I used to practice reverse layups in the cold as a teenager in Maryland, though I shot them much more loosely, with lots of space between myself and the rim, back then. When the shot dropped, I gave an aggressive shout of glee, something I rarely do when playing sports. It felt good. If my knees hold up, maybe I can make that kind of basket more often.
Tags: autobiography, everyday, health, sports

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