Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

A Method For Santa's Madness

According to Skylar, this was our best Christmas ever. It certainly felt like our tiredest Christmas ever, which may be why she liked it so much. When you don't even bother to make dinner, much less get dressed, the relaxed vibe has a way of feeling like the residue of bliss. And there was plenty of that, too, as this clip amply attests:
Kim was nearly as effusive over getting the monstrously long Béla Tarr film Sátántangó, which I ordered for her from the United Kingdom. And I was pretty pleased myself to get a book full of philosophy jokes and another full of maps. Sometimes less is more, though where American Girl products like Nikki are concerned, that "less" also costs more.
Tags: daughter, family, holiday, home
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