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Signing Up

This just in:
Dear Charlie:

Thank you for being a Bush Volunteer, as a leader of the grassroots team President Bush will be counting on you. Each week, we will be sending you the inside scoop from campaign leaders, event notices, action alerts, as well as other important opportunities to re-elect President Bush right to your inbox. Ask five friends to join the Bush Team now!

Below is the information you entered and a user name and password that you can use to log into so you can edit the topics you are interested in, update your contact information, and change your password. You will not need this password for regular use of the site, only to edit the information that you provided us with.

If you received this message in error and do not wish to receive email from, the official Web site for President Bush's re-election campaign, please follow this link.
I'm supposed to ask five other people to sign up, so I'm making a plea to my loyal readers.

An educated populace is the best defense against tyranny, right? You should check out George's blog too.

I'm guessing that the hand-scrawled look is supposed to give the image an "alternative" imprimatur.

It sure is sexy looking.

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