Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

No Bull

I'll refrain from using metaphors derived from the world of finance. But I'm feeling pretty good about my Bears as Pac-10 play commences. The women are ranked tenth in the nation and have a great chance of making the NCAA tournament. And the men, although facing the proverbial uphill struggle -- the conference is loaded, as indicated by the fact that this week's rankings featured half of the teams that comprise it -- should be competitive in most games, provided their horrible injury luck of recent years takes a turn for the better. If they get Theo Robertson back, who knows what they could accomplish? Even now they have a chance, however slight, of beating UCLA tomorrow at Haas Pavilion and that is not something I anticipated myself saying when the schedule came out. Of course, the fact that I have enough reason to believe that the improbable is possible this year means that I'll be engaged in the sort of silly behavior I demonstrated on the drive home from the airport last night, refreshing the box score on my cell phone as a way both to assuage and abet my anxiety. But they beat USC, which could prove very useful down the road. Now if they could only triumph in their Oedipal conflict with the baby ursines from Westwood, I'd. . . What would I do? I'd scream for joy. "Go Bears!!!"
Tags: sports

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