Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Little, Red, Different

I had a fierce headache earlier tonight and decided that, since it might have been occasioned by the low pressure system that brought us rain, I would take one of those little red pills that are supposed to relieve sinus pressure. Four hours later, the headache is gone. Unfortunately, so are my chances of getting meaningful sleep. I should use the insomnia to get something important done, but keep feeling my mind pulled to the margins of what matters, like a reader drawn ineluctably to the weathered ear of a page. Still, it's better than a headache. And if I had something marginally useful to do on those margins, my wakefulness would be a boon. Someone should think about crushing this medicine up and mixing it with something that would make it more potent. I bet there'd be a market for a substance of that nature.
Tags: autobiography, drugs, health, humor

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