Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


This time around I was as blown away by Todd Haynes's I'm Not There as I had expected to be the first time. Maybe I just needed to see it again to distance myself from everything I'd read about it before my initial viewing. Maybe I just needed to go to the Bay Area for a bit to recharge my intellect. Maybe I just needed to be sitting on one of the awesome new sofas at The Loft. Interestingly, the film experience that came to mind for me this second go-round was seeing Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me in the theater. The critics almost universally panned that one at the time of its release. But I felt it was a masterpiece, an opinion that I haven't changed. Actually, I think there may be more to this stream-of-consciousness analogy than a throwaway confession can convey. I'll try to write something about it in the next week.
Tags: everyday, film

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