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What the Hell Am I Doing Here?

Alright. I admit that I should have listened to the new Radiohead album before ranting about the new Radiohead album. I wasn't going to download it ahead of its release on CD, because, as I've noted previously, I am still too invested in the way things used to be, when I would eagerly wait for a record to arrive in stores. But I should have waited to comment on the hype surrounding In Rainbows's internet-only debut. I still find the way it was covered annoying. And I'm still peeved that Radiohead is treated differently in the media from other equally worthy acts. Nonetheless, after hearing the album over and over during the past two weeks I need to prostrate myself before its musical excellence. Seeing There Will Be Blood last night, with its superb Johnny Greenwood score, reminded me that I need to separate my misgivings about Thom Yorke's public persona -- which I mysteriously conflate with Natalie Merchant's -- from my response to the band as a whole. Not that he isn't a fine singer. It's just that I prefer my front men and women to be less earnest and more ironic. That said, the lyrics to "Creep" have been on auto-repeat in my mind since the semester started.
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