Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Bob Huggins Isn't the Only One Experiencing Regret

God damn it! Cal was so close to beating Kansas State in Manhattan. And, had it not been for what seemed to me like extremely biased officiating, they would have. I'm so discouraged by the Bears' season. Maybe someone in the Athletic Department forgot to make a payment to the right people, because Cal is even getting shorted on fouls at home. If I had enough fingers to count the number of times one of Stanford's Lopez twins went over the back of a Bear to retrieve a rebound last Saturday, I'd be a centipede. I mean, they're extremely talented -- though not as talented as the non-Arizona Wildcats' sure-thing Michael Beasley -- but that doesn't mean they can make contact with the body on their way to another offensive board. Arggggghhhh! Tonight, of course, we're in Pullman, where the rebounds will come just as hard and without as much suspicious touching. I suppose I could always make wine from my crushed hopes.
Tags: rant, sports

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