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The Israeli assassination of Ahmed Yassin seems as likely to make the world more peaceful as the American-led invasion of Iraq. Yassin and Saddam Hussein were bad guys, to be sure. Anyone who uses murder as a political tool is reprehensible. And those who use war -- which, in spite of Jean Baudrillard, tends to involve killing -- as a political tool are only a notch above murderers on the morality scale. Not all wars are unjustified. But the aggressors usually are.

lizyjn posted a moving entry on Monday about how she felt upon learning of Yassin's liquidation-by-missile. I've been processing myself. Maybe it's banal to assert that two wrongs don't make a right, but that's what I'm left with. That's also the message of this opinion piece in Ha'aretz, but it's fleshed out with enough hypothetical carnage to make me stop worrying about the utility of clichés.

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